Vegan 4 x 1KG Bulk Packs

€65,00 €80,00

This is the ultimate vegan-friendly cupboard filler. 4 KG's of tasty goodness. We have added the "Almond & Dark Chocolate" to the original lineup, by choosing vegan dark Belgian chocolate drops for this mix.

Products contained here are:

1. Edamame & Goji Berry Mix

2. Tropical Edamame Mix

3. Super Juicy Mango Mix

4. Almond & Dark Vegan Chocolate


The feedback from our customers has been that they love them because:

+ They are great value: €15 for a 1KG Bag (including delivery to your door!), this snack is €1.50 per 100g of the highest quality fruit mix you will get your hands on. 

+ They are so versatile. Our bulk mixes are perfect for baking with, as salad toppers (try our Almond Mix on a warm salad and it will change your life!), on breakfast cereals, or of course as that healthier ‘default snack grazing option’ which we are all too familiar with during lockdown!

+ They are positive for the environment. While individual packs are great for portion control and portability on-the-go, when you want to have that better-for-you grazing option, on big bag can be the answer. It avoids the single-use plastic issue, and because it is resealable, you can keep the product fresh. 

SUPER MIX: A modern trail mix with cranberries, raw almonds and cashews, sundried seedless raisins and white chocolate drops.

SUPER-NATURAL: We farm the earth to bring you the best mix of ingredients that naturally work together to taste awesome.

GLUTEN FREE: Naturally gluten free and always guilt free!

PERFECT PORTIONS: Ideal for on-the-go, fueling the workday, pre and post workout, running, cycling or golfing.

BALANCE: Our healthy snack mixes contain the perfect balance of natural energy, protein and fibre needed to fuel the pace of modern life.