Tropical Edamame Mix 10 x 45g

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This snack mix doesn’t know if it’s savoury or sweet, because it’s both at the same time. Edamame beans are basically immature soybeans.

We roast them and add a pinch of salt. They are then mixed with an unlikely group of friends that create an incredible snacking sensation. It’s a super-tasty vegan Edamame Mix that really delivers.

Crunchy edamame beans out front, while top-grade pineapple, roasted coconut and banana chips compliment beautifully. Finally, cranberries and sundried seedless raisins provide the perfect berry backbone.

To get the full taste experience here, be sure to shake a bunch into your hand and get a mix of all the ingredients, before crunching down on what is a very unique snack.

Our 45g Packs work out at only €2 per unit, so these powerful packs of natural energy, protein and fibre represent awesome value!

SUPER MIX: A modern trail mix with edamame beans, pineapple pieces, banana chips, cranberries, cashews, sundried seedless raisins & coconut flakes.

SUPER-NATURAL: We farm the earth to bring you the best mix of ingredients that naturally work together to taste awesome.

GLUTEN FREE: Naturally gluten free and always guilt free!

PERFECT PORTIONS: Ideal for on-the-go, fuelling the work day, pre and post workout, runnng, cycling or golfing.

BALANCE: Our healthy snack mixes contain the perfect balance of natural energy, protein and fibre needed to fuel the pace of modern life.

CONTROL CALORIES: Each pouch contains less than 185 calories. Each box contains 10 x 45g "On-the-go" portion pouches.