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1KG Edamame & Goji Berry Mix Share Bag

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So here it is.. A protein-packed product that is not only plant based and vegan friendly, but high in protein too. This product packs a whopping 21g of protein per 100g serving size and is completely plant based! This snack is perfect for those looking to add to their overall protein intake while maintaining a vegan diet or indeed for anybody who just loves the the taste of our crunchy Edamame Beans and juicy Goji Berries.

The feedback from our customers has been that they love them because:

 + They are great value. At €15 for a 1KG Bag, this snack is €1.50 per 100g of the highest quality fruit mix you will get your hands on. The retail price of 100g of a similar dried fruit like this is in the supermarket is €2.50 or more per 100g, so €25 per KG.  

+ They are so versatile. Our bulk mixes are perfect for baking with, as salad toppers (try our Almond Mix on a warm salad and it will change your life!), on breakfast cereals, or of course as that healthier ‘default snack grazing option’ which we are all too familiar with during lockdown!

+ They are positive for the environment. While individual packs are great for portion control and portability on-the-go, when you want to have that better-for-you grazing option, on big bag can be the answer. It avoids the single-use plastic issue, and because it is resealable, you can keep the product fresh.

Note: The image represented here is for illustrative purposes only, our bulk packaging is clear!

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