*** 22g Almond Special *** 50% EXTRA FREE & FREE SHIPPING

€48,00 €72,00

This is the last of the 22g Almond Boxes!!!

Here you can get 6 Boxes for the price of 4. Thats €48 instead of €72, or just €0.66C per pack. So stock up now, and enjoy being on-the-go in the great outdoors. With the perfect balance of protein, fibre and natural energy these are the perfect snacks for cycling, golfing, running, hiking, playgrounds trips, to name but a few occasions. 

Don't forget this includes FREE SHIPPING, so you can fill that cupboard up with awesome healthy snacks, without a trip to the shops!

Note: The Best Before Date is December 2021, so if you don't think you will go through them by the end of the year, then maybe don't go for this promotion.