Vegan Work from Home Gift Box


Gift the vegan in your life, of just gift yourself! Four out of five of our mixes are now suitable for vegans, as we have moved to a dairy-free chocolate for our Almond & Dark Chocolate Mix.

This beautifully designed gift box contains 32 packs (8 of each flavour). Who wouldn't want a month's supply of these super-tasty vegan treats. Plus the vibrant colours and uplifting messages will make the recipient feel emotionally fuelled, and ready to take on the world!

This box contains 8 x each of these flavours: 

1. Tropical Edamame Mix

2. Almond & Dark Chocolate Mix

3. Edamame & Goji

4. Super juicy Mango

Get these four mixes for just €48 (inclusive of delivery to your door!). That works out €1.20 per pouch. This is serious value, considering most quality natural bars of this size retail from €2 to €3.50 each.

This is the perfect solution to the family that is constantly visiting the snack cupboard thinking "What can we graze on now"! 

Great for out and about, working from home or family movie time!

There is a flavour in here for everyone in the family, whether it's sweet and juicy or salty 'n' crunchy we have it here in this bundle. 

With snacking, it's all about preparation, and as our Wellbeing Director Rob Kearney says "Prepare to Snack Well".


The Almond & Dark Chocolate Mix mix has to be tasted to be believed. It’s one of those snacks that you can’t get enough of, because there’s so much great stuff going on in there. A great balance of chewy and crunchy.

Almonds play the lead role for sure, with the raw sliced and whole almonds combo. Then sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds add substance and crunch to the chewy currants, cranberries and raisins.

Oh, and not to mention the addition of a few cheeky chocolate drops, which are now vegan incidentally (you asked and we answered!).


Our “Super Juicy Fruit” mix is made up of (what we believe to be) the juiciest Mango, Cranberries and Jumbo Raisins on the planet! This one is our kids favourite by far, in fact they were the ones who came up with the idea to put these three fruits together.  

We were tasting South African dried mango one day, and the kids started taking cranberries and massive juicy jumbo seedless raisins from other packs, and creating their own mix.

In addition to that, at Snack Farm we have been inundated with requests for a kid’s range. Everyone tells us how their kids, their nephews and nieces or their grandkids love our snack mixes.

But equally, we have had lots of people saying that the kids are not allowed to bring the products with nuts to school. So, we have answered the call!


Our Tropical Edamame Snack Mix doesn’t know if it’s savoury or sweet, because it’s both at the same time. Edamame beans are basically immature soybeans.

We roast them and add a pinch of salt. They are then mixed with an unlikely group of friends that create an incredible snacking sensation. It’s a super-tasty vegan Edamame Mix that really delivers.

Crunchy edamame beans out front, while top-grade pineapple, roasted coconut and banana chips compliment beautifully. Finally, cranberries and sundried seedless raisins provide the perfect berry backbone.

To get the full taste experience here, be sure to shake a bunch into your hand and get a mix of all the ingredients, before crunching down on what is a very unique snack. 


Finally we have our Edamame & Goji Mix, which is a favourite of our Director of Wellbeing, Rob Kearney! We worked with Rob to create a mix that is packed with plant protein, is natural, vegan and tastes awesome.

This product packs a whopping 19g of protein per 100g, so it’s the perfect snack for those looking to add to their overall protein intake while sticking to foods that are natural, recognisable and tasty.

The goji berry is a lovely addition to this mix. If you are not familiar with the numerous benefits associated with goji berries, give it a search on google and you will be pleasantly surprised.

SUPER MIX: A modern trail mix containing super-juicy mango, raisins and sundried seedless raisins.

SUPER-NATURAL: We farm the earth to bring you the best mix of ingredients that naturally work together to taste awesome.

GLUTEN FREE: Naturally gluten free and always guilt free!

PERFECT PORTIONS: Ideal for on-the-go, fueling the workday, pre and post workout, runnng, cycling or golfing.

BALANCE: Our healthy snack mixes contain the perfect balance of natural energy, protein and fibre needed to fuel the pace of modern life.

CONTROL CALORIES: Each pouch contains less than 200 calories. Each box contains 10 x 45g "On-the-go" portion pouches.