Salt & Vinegar Craft Baked 10 x 45g


Now you can enjoy our new Craft baked Snacks in boxes of 10 of each flavour separately. 

We couldn't be happier to introduce our latest innovation. Introducing our savoury Baked Snack range. We have taken nuts, seeds and coconut chips, hand-baked them with care, and gently seasoned them to create a taste sensation.

We have transformed these natural ingredients into a luxury indulgent snack product.

These snacks are hand-baked in small batches, never fried. They are packed with only natural ingredients.

Our savoury premium snacks are a game-changer. You can snack to your heart's delight, with none of the guilt! We have made snacking better, even better!

They are the perfect accompaniment to a few drinks, a cup of tea or as a grab and go hunger-buster.  

So when you feel the nibbles coming on, bin the biscuit and pass the pastry by, because Snack Farm has you covered!