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"Vegan Three" Combo

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**Temporary Packaging Alert** Due to a perfect storm resulting from Brexit & COVID, our brand spanking new packaging has been delayed for a few weeks. But fear not, we have an interim solution to get us all by!

As a result, we are offering some serious value. In fact, we are substituting any 22g bundles with 40g ones, so almost 100% extra free!

The Vegan Three Combo is the ultimate cupboard filler for the Vegan in your life, or for you, if you are the Vegan in your life!


It's exactly what you need as the COVID restrictions are being lifted. These 40g Grab'n'Go packs are perfect for long walks, runs, cycles, beach trips, golfing or just heading to the park or playground. 

Snack Farm Modern Trail Mixes are packed with natural energy from the fruit, and fibre and protein from the nuts and seeds. We even throw in a few sneaky vegan dark chocolate drops!

At Snack Farm we are all about making it a little easier for everyone to snack better every day, and this box will allow you to do just that!

The five flavours included in this offer are:

1. Tropical Edamame with Cashews, Pineapple, Coconut Chips and Banana

2. Super Juicy Fruit with Mango, Cranberries and Sun-dried Seedless Raisins

3. Goji & Edamame with Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower Seeds

This is a limited offer, while stocks last. We will be introducing our new packaging and pricing at the end of June. Thanks for your support and patience. We have some really exciting products coming down the line too!








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