It’s well documented that big corporate culture has led the way in taking care of employees in the workplace. But now that the workplace is the employee’s home, the oversized beanbags and table-tennis tables are gathering dust in expensive HQ’s.

As the COVID grip deepens, employers are realizing that it’s time to formalise an at home wellness offering. The work from home movement is here to stay, which means that the ‘all you can eat’ canteen offerings will never be the same again, and decentralised care will be the new norm. It has been reported that companies like Twitter and Indeed have publicly stated that most or all of their employees are welcome to work from home, forever. The implications of these decisions are far-reaching. When does the workday start and end? How does employer’s liability insurance apply? How can employee wellbeing programmes be coordinated when employees are scattered all over the country, or all over the world?


Over the first few months of the Coronavirus-induced work from home movement, employee wellbeing strategies have struggled in many cases. Everyone was finding their feet. Now, employers are recognizing that after the hygiene factors of communications protocols, web-based conference tools and remote reporting have been sorted; the next layer of employee care has to be formally addressed. Mental and physical wellbeing of employees working remotely is now high on the agenda. And with this new focus, comes a whole new world. Traditional suppliers are pivoting to fill the gaps and present new opportunities, and new partners are emerging with innovative and future-forward solutions. Snack Farm is leading the way in the area of positive nutrition for remote workers. We provide solutions for employers to look after their staff remotely, by offering healthy gift boxes that focus on balanced nutrition.

Globally people are snacking more, but not always on the good stuff. At Snack Farm they promote the concept of mindful snacking: Eating small amounts of planned nutritious food on a regular basis during the day. Some of the benefits of mindful snacking include:

 + Maintaining your blood sugar levels between meals

+ Avoiding sudden ‘cravings’ which make you make regretful impulsive food decisions

+ Preventing over-eating at mealtimes

+ Improving energy levels consistently across your day

+ Contributing positively to productivity while working

+ Helping your mood – Stops you snapping at people due to being “Hangry”

+ Helping you to think more clearly

+ Contributing to concentration, especially on ‘that’ Zoom call!


Snacking is on the rise globally. Even before COVID, missing meals was one of the biggest trends in nutrition, with the gaps being filled by snacking. Now, with the ‘Work from Home’ movement, unplanned visits to the snack cupboard have become a hallmark of the remote worker’s day. And now that remote work is here to stay, it’s time to recalibrate the cupboards of employees, and offer them a positive snacking solution in at home. Snack Farm will work with your business to choose the best options for your employees, and we will handle everything. Our employee snack programme qualifies for the “Small Benefit Exemption” revenue scheme, where employers can give employees a small benefit of up to €500 in value, tax free, each year, so it’s a win win for the business and the employee. Plus, you get to support a small Irish business at this critical time.

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