Workplace Wellbeing


Snack Farm has become one of the most prominent players in the Workplace Wellbeing movement in Ireland. We have been fuelling remote employees in their homes since March 2020 due to the global pandemic. 

Before that, Snack Farm was a permanent fixture in the canteens and micro-kitchens of workplaces that included the European HQ’s of some of the biggest tech companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

What we have learned is that people are really on the lookout for snacks that fuel their workday, and add positively to their work, rather than snacks that make them sluggish and regretful. 

Above all, our snack mixes taste great, but we always keep a close eye on how effective they are at delivering the natural energy, fibre and protein needed to fuel your potential. We have packages from €30 to €100 per head inclusive of delivery charges to anywhere in Ireland. 

Our policy is to take the pressure off you. We handle everything - Concept, design, copywriting the personalised insert, printing customised gift boxes, packing, shipping, tracking and reporting. You just sit back and build your reputation as Boss of the Month!

Contact us today to see how we can fuel your employees working from home or at the office. 


We cater for SMEs from one employee to many hundreds. Don’t ever feel that your organisation is too small to have workplace wellbeing initiatives. In fact we have been told by many SMEs that the very act of sending individual employee care packs really changed the perception of how the management team valued their staff. 

Reach out to see how we can work with you and your team. We can source and brand additional items like journals or water bottles, and add personalised cards to your care packs. For numbers over 200 we can produce fully branded gift boxes with your brand identity and message. Just email to find out more.


Snack Farm has handled a number of large projects for corporate clients where we looked after their employees working from home. In addition we supply large corporates with positive snacking solutions for the office environment. We would love to speak to you about the opportunities to fuel your employees and boost your internal brand equity. 

Gone are the days of just throwing a credit card behind the bar on a Friday and hoping for the best. Employees are far more discerning these days, and are very focused on their overall wellbeing. 

Why not let Snack Farm help you with a fresh and positive strategy to reward and refuel your employees? Retention is the new recruitment, especially in the most competitive industries like tech, pharma, finance, management consultancy, telcos and comms. Let Snack Farm devise a strategy and world class execution to match your needs.

 If you need any convincing, just look at how we took care of 3,100 PWC employees working from home in early 2021. We created a bespoke, fully branded PWC care experience. The response was incredible. The social media impact had not been seen before. Snack Farm handled everything, including concept, design, copywriting, printing customised gift boxes, packing, shipping, tracking and reporting.

In addition to the care box itself, Snack Farm created a range of bespoke ‘Wellbeing Content’. This included a fully branded PDF containing wellbeing tips and programmes, and customised video content from Rob Kearney, Snack Farm’s Director of Wellbeing, with advice and tips on how to get the most from their work day, and their lives in general.

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