Mindful Snacking

Snacking is on the rise globally. Even before COVID, missing meals was one of the biggest trends in nutrition, with the gaps being filled by snacking. Now, with the ‘Work from Home’ movement, unplanned visits to the snack cupboard have become a hallmark of the remote worker’s day. So, it’s time to recalibrate the cupboards, and always have a positive snacking solution at home.

Some of the benefits of mindful snacking include:

+ Maintaining your blood sugar levels between meals
+ Avoiding sudden ‘cravings’ which make you make
regretful impulsive food decisions
+ Preventing over-eating at mealtimes
+ Improving energy levels consistently across your day
+ Contributing positively to productivity while working
+ Helping your mood – Stops you snapping at people due to being “Hangry”
+ Helping you to think more clearly
+ Contributing to concentration, especially on ‘that’ Zoom call!